Welcome to Our Beautiful Days, the brand that celebrates the joy of spending quality time with your children.

Our Beautiful Days is a brand that offers books, audio, and video for parents who want to share the beauty of life with their children. Our products are based on true and real stories about taking our family out to the ocean, to the zoo, swimming in the river, going to indoor playgrounds, train rides at parks, pony rides, visiting a petting zoo, baking cookies night, music lessons, self-defense lessons, and more. Our products are not just entertaining, they are also educational. They teach your children valuable lessons about nature, animals, culture, art, music, and self-defense. They also encourage your children to be curious, creative, and confident.


Coach Bert has helped hundreds of people by being an Algebra Tutor for over 40 years. He also teaches guitar and had a martial arts school in the past where he thought Tae Kwon Do. He has a BS in Business Administration and an MA in Organization Development from the University of San Francisco. He volunteers at California Homemakers Association, helping with food distributions and transportation.

He is very passionate about traveling and took his family to many places, all over California and Nevada. Coach Bert took his family to many amusement parks, in Northern, middle and southern California. From Zoos to aquariums to marine animal parks.He is very passionate about traveling and took his family to many places, all over California and Nevada.

Coach Bert is a Cancer Survivor, a few years back he had a renal mass on his right kidney, after successful medical treatments and procedures his life changed dramatically. He loves kayaking at the mayor spots north of the San Francisco Bay and hiking and biking at many beautiful places around Northern California. He also rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle and goes to lots of places as well.

Now he tells the world about spending time with loved ones because “in a blink of an eye life could be gone” so let's take your family out so we can have lots of happiness and wonderful memories.

He lives in California with his family, wrote a song called Beautiful Day, you can listen and download the video, and get it now.

Why Choose Our Beautiful Days?

Our Beautiful Days is more than just a brand, it is a community. When you buy our products, you join a network of parents who share the same vision and values as you. You also get access to exclusive content, discounts, and events that will enrich your family life.

Our Beautiful Days is also a social enterprise. We donate a portion of our profits to charities that support children’s education and well-being around the world. When you buy our products, you not only make your own children happy, but also help other children in need.

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