Beautiful Days (English)


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http://ourbeautifuldayz.com/shop/The real story revolves around a grandpa (Coach Bert) who was very busy working all the time and he was not able to spend time with his children.
The book highlights the importance of bonding and creating special memories through various activities like exploring nature, reading stories, cooking together, and more.
The book conveys the message that parents’ goals are to plan and provide togetherness in their children’s lives and that spending time together fosters a strong and loving connection.
It emphasizes the joy and fulfillment that come from making memories and sharing experiences with children, reminding both parents and kids of the incredible bonds they share.

Beautiful Days serves as an inspirational reminder of the Wonderful value of quality family time.

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Our Beautiful Days is a brand that offers books, audio, and video for parents who want to share the beauty of life with their children. Our products are based on true and real stories about taking our family out to the ocean, to the zoo, swimming in the river, going to indoor playgrounds, train rides at parks, pony rides, visiting a petting zoo, baking cookies night, music lessons, self-defense lessons, and more. Our products are not just entertaining, they are also educational. They teach your children valuable lessons about nature, animals, culture, art, music, and self-defense. They also encourage your children to be curious, creative, and confident.


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